Naked Workouts

The following page is a collection of the “Big 5” detailed in the book “How 2 Look Good Naked.” Each of the exercises listed here make up the foundation of the workout plan needed to get the best results in minimum time. For variety and necessary modifications (for injuries, etc.), I’ve included short “How 2s” on each of these main exercises, and their appropriate modifications.


Leg press & modifications

  • Static Leg Press (90s-120s)

  • Leg Extension/Leg Curl

  • Static Leg Extension/Leg Curl (90-120s)

  • SuperSlow Air Squats (Body Weight/Weighted)

  • Wall Sits (Body Weight/Weighted)


seated supinated grip pull-down & modifications

  • Static Pull-Down (90-120s)

  • Weighted Static Hold (90-120s)

  • Limited Range Pull-Down

  • Resistance Band Pull-Down

  • Assisted Supinated Chin-up


Chest press & modifications

  • Static Chest Press (90-120s)

  • Decline/Incline Bench (or Machine) Press

  • SuperSlow Push-ups

  • Seated/Reclined Chest Flys

  • Resistance Band Chest Press

Seated Overhead Press & Modifications

  • Static Overhead Press (90-120s)

  • DB Overhead Press Holds (90-120s)

  • Seated Delt Raises (Lateral Raises)

  • Simple Row

  • Seated Overhead Press with Resistance Bands

Compound Row & Modifications

Seated Row.jpg
  • Static Compound Row (90-120s)

  • Bent Over DB/BB Row

  • Seated Resistance Band Row

  • Weighted Compound Holds (90-120s)