How Did I get to “how 2 Look Good Naked”?

For the better part of two decades I’ve been on a personal fitness journey that for the longest time left me feeling beat up, beat down, and basically like human dog shit. But I loved the feeling that I was working harder than the next guy, and I knew if I just wanted it bad enough I just had to put in the hours, and hours, and HOURS in the gym. The problem was, all the time, energy, and effort in the world still left me feeling lost. I looked pretty good (especially since my diet wasn’t great), but considering the amount of time I invested, I felt I should look even better, be even stronger, and at the very least, feel good. I’d plateau, so I’d stop, then I’d start and make progress, then I’d plateau… ad infinitum.

Flash forward to almost 2 1/2 years ago. I moved to Minnesota to start fresh and started at a gym with a company that specialized in SuperSlow training. I read Ken Hutchins’ “Renaissance of Exercise”, and a few other articles and books from him, then I started down the Arthur Jones’ path with the Nautilus Bulletins. The gym I trained at were advocates of an evidence based approach to exercise and only recommended strength training for 20 minutes, twice per week?! GTFO?! I knew from my own personal experience that if I wasn’t working out at least an hour a day, at least six days a week, I would never be able to maintain my physique, let alone grow and get stronger… right? My first few sessions of SuperSlow changed all that.

If you’ve never experienced this style of training it’s a 10-10 cadence (positive and negative) for 20s total for each repetition, capping out around three minutes of total work, then on to the next exercise. I thought I had worked hard before, but I had never experienced anything like those first few workouts at My Strength Studio, in Minnetonka, MN. After a few weeks, I bought in to the idea that more wasn’t necessarily better, and if I raised the intensity drastically, then I could also greatly reduce the volume. Six days a week for 1-2 hours, became twice a week for 40 minutes total. I was now doing roughly 6-12% of the volume I had done previously and not only maintaining, but increasing in strength and muscle… you could say I got hooked.

Next came the diet piece. We were advocates of the Bulletproof Diet at my small studio in Minnetonka. I’d heard of Keto before, but never actually practiced or understood the idea of “Fat for Fuel”. Like many of us I was brought up to believe that carbs = energy, and until that point I had no reason to question that presupposition. What I had never experimented with was carbohydrate restriction or intermittent fasting, or even the idea that I didn’t need a constant stream of food for energy. I read Dave Asprey’s “The Bulletproof Diet”, and I started to incorporate some of his ideas into my daily habits. I tried 16/8, I tried 20/4, I tried O.M.A.D., I became obsessed with butter in my coffee, and suddenly I lost almost 30 pounds… okay that’s a lie. First, I gained five pounds, because I kept adding butter to my coffee without changing my diet, then I incorporated some of Dave’s ideas and then I lost 30 pounds!

I liked Dave’s ideas… big picture, but I didn’t agree with all his ideas on dietary restrictions and his weird fascination with self experimentation. I started experimenting with some of my own ideas, I read A LOT of articles, and I listened to countless nutrition podcasts and videos. I decided to try to apply what I had learned in exercise to diet. What was the least amount of effort I could put into my eating decisions that would give me the most results. I’d always wanted to write a book, and had started a few in the past that fizzled out before the intro was finished, but this thing that I was doing, I wanted to share it with the world. I knew the name of the book, “How 2 Look Good Naked” and what the cover was going to look like before I ever wrote a paragraph. I don’t know if that’s typically the right approach to book writing, but it worked this time. My mind was flooded with ideas, and I couldn’t type fast enough.

The book was finished in two months… the editing… that took the better part of a year and a half. Getting people to read my ideas and give feedback (and sometimes grammatical help), is like asking people to donate their kidneys… they are hesitant to say the least. But thanks to a few good friends, and few people who were enthused by the results they received from actually trying the ideas in the book, I was able to put together something resembling a real life Diet & Exercise Book.

I’m very proud of the results in these pages, and even though I’ve learned drastically more since I finished writing H2LGN, I’ve made a conscious decision to keep the information in the pages the same. There are certain things I would change about the protocols or the exercises, or even some of the dietary restrictions, but what you see in these pages was what started my journey, and I hope will help you do the same. If you have questions on what I do now, what my diet and exercise practice looks like, or just other things I’ve learned, please reach out through the contact form, or email me at:

I hope you find something in this book that helps you, but more than that I hope it inspires you to start your own fitness journey.

Your Pal in Fitness,

Logan Herlihy

“More exercise will never produce the results that are possible from from HARDER exercise.”

- Arthur Jones