Troy and Sara Barfoot, Orlando, FL

5- Stars *****

“I wanted to reach out to you and give you a massive thank you!!! My wife Sara and I started the Keto diet on June 1st after I saw your post on Facebook and requesting a copy of your book “How 2 Look Good Naked”. I say diet, but it is more of a lifestyle change. Which sounds bigger and harder, but it really isn’t. You do such an incredible job of breaking it down and making it easier to understand. My favorite is how you compare intermediate fasting to running a restaurant, makes perfect sense to me.

My wife is down 25 lbs and I have dropped about 20 lbs. And it’s not like other fad diets we have tried where you lose weight quick and it eventually sneaks back. We have both stayed within 2-3 lbs without really working out much and cheating a little bit here and there. Dropping the pounds has been great, but more importantly we both feel so much better. More energy, clear headed and a very nice surprise in the bedroom!!! It has definitely brought back a spark in our relationship. We are looking and feeling better naked!!! Thank you!!!”

Bob Hartzell, Woodbury, MN

5- Stars *****

“I am going to keep this simple, short, and easy, as Logan did with his book. If you are truly ready to make a change, have an open mind, and learn the most efficient way to get results from working out and diet, this book is for you. I can personally attest to the exercise program, because it is exactly what I have been doing for the past year, and Logan is one of my trainers. As a former power-lifter, I can tell you my strength has not diminished one bit from the former 2 hour a day bomb sessions. In fact, my strength is up, and, because of rest, my joints and ligaments feel better. At 50, I am consistently breaking PR's. Now, the diet side of things I can say I know many folks who prescribe to what Logan teaches, and have great results. Myself, I have not yet done the diet portion (Hey....I like my beer!!!), but, someday will and expect excellent results from it. I would highly recommend this book!!! Thanks Logan for taking the time to author this!!”

Sam Loidolt, Edina, MN

5- Stars *****

“Pre book: 18.7% Body Fat, 187 lbs
Post book: 11.4% Body Fat, 167 lbs

First and foremost, if you want to make a serious difference in your life, you must read this book. I was pushing the heaviest I have ever been and was never disciplined enough to do something about it. I met Logan and he recommended reading his book. I read this probably the fastest I've read a book. It is not only informative but also motivating because of how easy he makes it and well he breaks it down. I followed his teachings and ideas to a T and the results are evident. I have also never felt better with my image and how my body feels. The dieting and exercise he teaches was revolutionary for my lifestyle and I will never go back. He is also very personable and genuinely wants to help people. I reached out to him several times with a plethora of questions and he was eager to talk me through everything.

Bottom line: read this book.. change your life. You will not regret it.”

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