"How 2 Look Good Naked": What The Hell Is It?

The biggest thing I hope to accomplish by writing this book is to help change common misconceptions regarding diet and exercise. The entire industry of health and fitness is indoctrinated with decades of false and misleading dogma, and it’s pervasive, even to people who profess to not knowing anything about either subject. What I’ve learned in the past two years, and what I hope to impart on those who read this work is that there are only two real things we should be concerned with when it comes to overall health and fitness.

  1. We should feel great

  2. We should look good

Within the scope of those two ideas, much can be accomplished. The mainstream media portrays that in order to be healthy or happy we need to eat nothing but salads and iron laundry on our six-packs. The reality for most of us is that eating “healthy” (which usually means restrictively) is a sure fire way to get discouraged. More importantly this idea that to be healthy we must look like movie stars and people in fitness magazines will cause the majority of the population to give up before they ever reach their full potential (which might not include a six-pack no matter how hard you try).

Genetics are the great equalizer, and something that muscle magazines and celebrity fitness trainers actively choose to ignore. Unfortunately, we can’t all look like the Avengers, but what we can do is maximize our own genetic potential, and be the absolute BEST version of ourselves. There’s a great Albert Einstein quote that hits this idea right on the head,

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

By simply changing the phrasing in that quote, you can get a good summation of the ideas that the fitness industry perpetuates to the masses.

Everybody can be in shape. But if you judge your progress compared to someone with superior genetics, you will spend your entire life believing you can’t accomplish anything.”

This book is about making you the absolute best version of yourself, and that starts with how you feel. When you start to feel better, consistently, eventually you will look better. If you keep on that path, your physiology will continue to improve, and eventually your outward appearance will start to reflect how you feel on the inside.

This book is about working towards making you feel better first. The way we will accomplish that is primarily through changing the way you think and feel about food. Many of us have poor relationships with food, and the word diet is a very dirty word in most of our vocabulary. What I hope you discover in reading H.2.L.G.N. is that diet simply means “what we regularly eat”. It has nothing to do with restriction or calorie counting, it’s simply what makes up our nutritional intake on a daily basis. The reality is, that no amount of time spent in the gym will replace what we are putting into our bodies. If we change the way we are fueling ourselves on a daily basis and make small tweaks to the dietary practices we have, exercise will only serve as a bolster to our progress. The important thing to remember is that exercise alone is not a cure for a poor diet. Only in unison with changing our eating habits does exercise become extremely beneficial to our overall health.

The dietary guidelines in this book are based on many different experiments on my part. What I hope to accomplish in the plan outlined here is to provide a basic framework for people to start from. I can’t stress enough that everyone’s genetics are vastly different, and what works for one person with great results, may not work at all for someone else. There are however, certain principles outlined within that I feel everyone can benefit from. What you choose to do with that information is up to you. More than anything, what I hope to accomplish is to get people thinking outside of the box, to start questioning the status quo. By keeping an open mind and using some of the ideas within, I hope you continue to do research and create your own plan customized to you!

The next thing we’ll cover within these pages is exercise guidelines. This is where having a truly open mind will come into play. It’s my hope that after incorporating some of the dietary guidelines readers will be open to new and challenging ideas regarding exercise as well. The first thing we’ll do in this section is break down some common misconceptions in the fitness community. I’ve highlighted some extremely pervasive myths that are just patently false, and tried to explain the reasoning. After exploring some of these common misconceptions we’ll dive into my recommendations for exercise. These are not original ideas, in fact the debates surrounding these principles have been raging since at least the 1950’s, and probably even before that. The main thing we’ll be addressing is what is more important for stimulating growth, Volume (amount of exercise), or Intensity (the momentary exertion in an exercise session). What you’ll see, and hopefully get to experience for yourself is that the as we increase the momentary intensity of exercise we can drastically decrease the volume or frequency in which we do exercise. As a former gym rat, and current personal trainer, I feel I can speak rather accurately to the idea that “more” is not necessarily better. In fact at a certain point, “more” can become rather counter-productive.

The last thing we’ll cover in depth is creating a plan of action to put all this new information into action. After reading H.2.L.G.N. you will be armed with a plethora of new conflicting information to anything you have probably read thus far. The thing I hope is that you put this information to use. Don’t give it 30 days and give up, commit long term, track progress, and you will see results! The only limit to your potential is how much effort you are willing to put in to making a change. I think the best quote to summarize the ideas laid out within may be as follows:

“The is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” - Herbert Spencer

The last thing I hope to do with H.2.L.G.N. is to create a forum for new and exciting ideas. The “HowToLookGoodNaked” website/blog will hopefully serve as this open proving ground. I want to offer my services and expertise to all those who are willing to try it, and the website will serve not only as my platform to share new information with all of you, but hopefully be a community which fosters growth and encouragement for all. I look forward to experiencing this journey with you, and I can’t wait to hear your stories of struggle, success, and motivation.

Your Pal in Fitness,

Logan Emmett Herlihy

logan herlihy