Logan Emmet Herlihy, CPT


About Logan

Logan has been a health and fitness enthusiast since he was 15. Never much of an athlete, Logan took to weight training early in his teens and 20’s to boost confidence and self esteem. He learned by watching other gym rats who were getting results, and listening to what he read in the muscle magazines. Basically more = better. After receiving his undergrad from the University of Central Florida (2017 National Champs) in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Personal Fitness Logan pursued many job opportunities besides Health and Fitness. Finally, at the ripe age of 29, Logan moved to Minnesota and immersed himself into the fitness industry. Logan’s book “How 2 Look Good Naked” has a 5-star rating on Amazon, and he has been featured on the “High Intensity Business Podcast” with Lawrence Neal.

Logan is currently a Personal Trainer at Discover Strength in Woodbury, Minnesota. Discover Strength is one of the leaders in the evidence-based fitness industry in both their programming and their business acumen. Logan serves as one of their social media liaisons, focusing on translating research to clients in a user friendly way. Logan has personally executed over 5,000 1-on-1, and small group training sessions in his 2+ years in the evidence-based fitness industry.

If you have any questions for Logan or would like to reach out for guest articles, podcast appearances, interviews, etc. please use the contact form or email him directly at loganherlihy@gmail.com.