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“How 2 Look Good Naked” is the culmination of a 15 year personal fitness journey that really started to take shape over the course of the last 2 years. For as long as I can remember I was a believer that the only way to get the results I wanted was to spend countless hours at the gym, lifting weights, running on treadmills, and meal prepping chicken and broccoli . Just over 2 years ago… everything changed. I started a career in the Evidence Based Fitness Industry, and began a diet and education journey that eventually lead to the best results of my life, in less time and overall effort than I ever thought possible. The results of that experience and everything I’ve learned along the way is what has resulted in the book “How 2 Look Good Naked: The Least Amount Of Effort, To Look The Best With Your Clothes Off”, this website and soon to be launched blog. My hope is to create a fun, engaged, and passionate community with a focus on the most up to date evidence supporting training modalities, while making things as easy and accessible to all levels of trainees.


Logan is currently a Certified Personal Trainer at Discover Strength in Woodbury, MN. For the past 2+ years he has specialized in Evidence Based Exercise, and in that time has accumulated over 3,000 hours of 1-on-1 and small group personal training experience. The difference in this style of training and anything you’d see at a normal “big box” gym, is Evidence Based Training focuses on what the science backed research actually says, and doesn’t get caught up in the constant waves of exercise trends. Hard, Brief, and Infrequent.

 “More exercise will never produce the results that are possible from from HARDER exercise.”


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